Finding support groups during diagnosis is tricky. You want to find people that are exactly on the same planet you are, and what you find out is that Cancer is the biggest universe ever. Cancer is like vacation. Its vague and means something different to everyone. When some people hear the word vacation they think of camping, luxury hotels with umbrella drinks, trekking across Antarctica, working on a farm, or building houses for those less fortunate. Vacation can take place anywhere – it means the action of leaving something one previously occupied – doesn’t describe the destination. Just like Cancer – doesn’t matter where you have it, or what kind. Cancer is a mandatory vacation.

I spent my vacation with Muriel and Brian at We Spark in Sherman Oaks. Without them, I just don’t know what my head space would be like. I remember when I told Brian I had Cancer again. He cried. I couldn’t. Support is good. Find the right support. Try everything.

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