What a woman.  Rebecca is interested the human body more than anyone I know.  She is fascinated by it, respects it, honors it, and you can’t help but learn something in every class. I have met my broken self many times on a mat in her class only to leave better than I have ever felt before. Recently I have been faced with the reality that my yoga practice is not half what it used to be, but who cares, I am here. On a mat. Yay!  On that mat, I can feel my body heal, radiate and rejuvenate.  I am reminded that my body has led the way through my battle, when my mind and spirit were at their wits end.  Stamina, endurance … even after all the toxic hazardous meds I have taken, after way too many surgeries, and more radiation that most, my body is still here. Rebecca has the ability to draw you in, then take you on a journey that is personal, victorious, and filled with self care and devotion.

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